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Made In USA

Sump Covers, Lexan or PVC

Sump Covers, Lexan or PVC

These versatile sump covers are in stock and available in 3 diameters: 16", 18", 20" and 24". Available in either 1/4" gray PVC or 1/4" clear Lexan® (polycarbonate).

Each Cover Contains:
  • Two 2" threaded openings for drain discharge pipe or floor drain installations
  • One 2" threaded opening with foam lining for power cord
  • One 4" non-threaded opening for easy access
  • Our RSM model drain fits perfectly into these covers
  • Our NEW RD3 Retrofit Drainerator works great with our covers

Custom Configurations Available: Not all installations are cut and dry. We can provide custom sump covers to meet your specific needs. We can vary the diameter, shape, as well as the number and size of holes so the cover fits properly in your installation.

Product# Price
SC16L 16" Round, Clear Lexan
(15 11/16" dia. Finished Size)
SC16P 16" Round, Grey PVC
(15 11/16" dia. Finished Size)
SC18L 18" Round, Clear Lexan
(17 3/4" dia. Finished Size)
SC18P 18" Round, Grey PVC
(17 3/4" dia. Finished Size)
SC20L 20" Round, Clear Lexan
(19 7/8" dia. Finished Size)
SC20P 20" Round, Grey PVC
(19 7/8" dia. Finished Size)
SC24L 24" Round, Clear Lexan
(23 1/2" dia. Finished Size)
SC24P 24" Round, Grey PVC
(23 1/2" dia. Finished Size)