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Home > Testing, Monitoring and Accessories > Radon Charcoal Canister Test Kit

Radon Charcoal Canister Test Kit

Radon Charcoal Canister Test Kit

The charcoal canisters are 4” open face canisters. They consist of a metal canister filled with activated charcoal that is held in place by a wire mesh screen and spring clip. The radon gas and some of the progeny, if present in the air, attach to the charcoal surface. The canister is sealed at the end of the testing period, and returned to the laboratory for processing and analysis. For counting, the sealed canister is placed in a sodium iodide counting system for ten minutes. After analysis, the gamma counts are converted to radon gas concentrations. The exposure period of our charcoal canister consists of a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) to a maximum exposure period of 144 hours (6 days).

Due to licensing, cannot be used in West Virginia There is an additional $9.50 charge for tests done in the State of New Jersey, and a $3.00 additional fee for the State of New York. NJ Home Inspectors who are licensed cannot buy unless they are affiliated with RAData’s lab.
Product# Price     
RDCAN     Radon Charcoal Canister Test Kit $22.00