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Home > New Products > RD3 - Retrofit Drainerator

RD3 - Retrofit Drainerator

RD3 - Retrofit Drainerator™

Designed by Next Step Environmental
(One of our great customers!)
  • 4 3/4" Top Diameter, 1 1/4" Bottom Diameter x 5 3/4" Length
  • For use with our sump lids, or may be retrofit with existing sump lids. Easy install, flange-mount
  • Allows a centralized point for drainage to accommodate multiple drain applications
  • Used for draining condensate lines, dehumidifiers, and laundry overflow lines into ONE DRAIN
  • Just seal with silicone and drop into a pre-drilled 4.5" hole
Product# Price     
RD3     RD3 - Retrofit Drainerator $35.00