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Festa Fans

Festa fans have been in the U.S. market for nearly 17 years, holding a proven track record of exceptional durability. The fans are manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All Festa fans are UL and CUL approved for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The fans are backed by a 5-year full replacement warranty. They are widely recognized as great-quality fans that are built to last and offer excellent performance as well as efficient operation at a reasonable price.

Festa Fans

Volts Wattage
Spirit 120 20 0.17 0.9 5"
Maverick 115 85 0.075 1.88 4"
Hawk 115 85 0.075 1.747 6"
Prowler 115 125 1.32 2.709 3"
Legend 115 125 1.32 2.6 6"
Eagle 115 160 1.37 3.985 3"
Fury 115 142 0.84 2.47 8"
Force 120 302 2.48 5.512 4"
Patriot 120 90 0.8 2.0 4"
Manufacture Warranty:
5 Years After Date of Purchase
Spirit Low Suction/Low Flow Small Footprint
Very Porous Subslab
Maverick Low Suction/Low to Moderate Flow Small Footprint
Porous Subslab Submembrane
Patriot Low Suction/Low to Moderate Flow Small Footprint
Porous Subslab Submembrane
Hawk Low Suction/Moderate to High Flow Medium and Medium-Large Footprint
Porous Subslab
Prowler Moderate Suction/Low Flow Small-Medium Footprint
Moderately Compacted Subslab
Legend Moderate Suction/Very High Flow Very Large Footprint
Porous-Semi Porous Subslab
Eagle High Suction/Low Flow Large Footprint
Non-Porous Subslab
Fury Moderate Suction//Extremely High Flow Very Large Footprint
Porous Subslab
Force High Suction/Moderate Flow Very Large Footprint
Moderately Compacted Subslab


Product# Price
EAGLE Festa AMG Eagle, Gray   $230.00
EAGLE-W Festa AMG Eagle, White   $232.00
FORCE-W Festa AMG Force, White   $480.00
FURY Festa AMG Fury, Gray   $286.40
FURY-W Festa AMG Fury, White   $288.40
HAWK Festa AMG Hawk, Gray   $153.60
HAWK-W Festa AMG Hawk, White   $155.60
LEGEND Festa AMG Legend, Gray   $195.20
LEGEND-W Festa AMG Legend, White   $197.20
MAVERICK Festa AMG Maverick, Gray   $139.20
MAVERICK-W Festa AMG Maverick, White   $141.20
PATRIOT-W Festa AMG Patriot, White   $172.00
PROWLER Festa AMG Prowler, Gray   $207.25
PROWLER-W Festa AMG Prowler, White   $209.25
SPIRIT Festa AMG Spirit, Gray   $125.00
SPIRIT-W Festa AMG Spirit, White   $127.00