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Dampers - PVC

PVC Dampers

These innovative PVC dampers utilize ¼" genuine Lexan, which is “siliconed" securely inside the coupling at the slip hub joint. A 1/8" tap hole is drilled into the center of the Lexan. The contractor may opt to drill additional holes into the Lexan disc to adjust air flow through the radon piping in the radon mitigation system. Save time and money – have these affordable dampers on-hand when you need them!
  • Available in 3'' and 4'' for both Sch. 20 and Sch. 40 pipe
  • Easy in/out of piping to test air flow before sealing the pipe
  • Fast, simple drilling of holes to adjust air flow, as needed

Product# Price
DMP320 Damper 3", PVC (for Shedule 20)   $5.75
DMP420 Damper 4", PVC (for Shedule 20)   $7.00
DMP340 Damper 3", PVC (for Shedule 40)   $8.25
DMP440 Damper 4", PVC (for Shedule 40)   $9.50