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Made In USA

Critter Guards

Critter Guards™

CG3 and CG4 fits Schedule 20 pipe
CG3-40 and CG4-40 fits Schedule 40 pipe

Critter Guards are designed to keep out "critters" which may fall into vent pipes. All it takes is for one animal to get down a pipe to cause significant damage or inconvenience. A deterrent for critters is especially necessary in wooded areas.

Product# Price
CG3 Critter Guard 3" - Fits Schedule 20   $6.50
CG3-40 Critter Guard 3" - Fits Schedule 40   $10.00
CG4-40 Critter Guard 4" - Fits Schedule 40   $12.00
CG4 Critter Guard 4" - Fits Schedule 20   $8.00