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Backer Rod

Backer Rod

Sold per pack. 48' per pack
Each pack contains eight 6' sections

Our backer rod comes in half-round which is easier
to push into the channel to be sealed. It leaves the
weep holes that are drilled into the block wall below
the floor level free of blockage unlike conventional
backer rod. Our Backer Rod is more cost effective
than conventional backer rod.


Product# Price
BR150 Backer Rod, 1 1/2" Half Round   $23.10
BR125 Backer Rod, 1 1/4" Half Round   $17.85
BR175 Backer Rod, 1 3/4" Half Round   $38.60
BR100 Backer Rod, 1" Half Round   $12.10
BR250 Backer Rod, 2 1/2" Half Round   $71.95
BR200 Backer Rod, 2" Half Round   $45.40
BR300 Backer Rod, 3" Half Round   $88.20
BR400 Backer Rod, 4" Half Round*   $94.50

Product# BR400 - 4" half round is a Special Order Item - 2 week lead time